Our Pastors

Pastors Shawn and Andrea

Pastor Shawn was born in Anniston, Alabama in 1970. From a very early age he had a strong passion for God, desiring to show people how to experience God’s goodness through the simple message of Jesus. In 1986, Shawn met his wife Andrea and they were married in the Summer of 1988. Andrea was born in Birmingham and currently serves the City of Moody as the “Executive Director” of the Chamber of Commerce. They have two sons, Caleb and Nathanael. Caleb married his wife Jessica in December of 2008 and they had their son Troy, in December of 2013. Caleb works in law enforcement and Nathanael has a career in corporate aviation.

Machen family

World Victory Church started with just a handful of people in the living room of Pastor Shawn’s home in 1996. It has grown to see the ministry purchase two buildings with four acres in April 2007. Because of the vision that God has placed in Shawn’s heart, in July 2013, the ministry purchased an additional sixteen acres on Highway 411, so that a larger sanctuary can be built in the near future.

Pastor Shawn has a rich background of experience in ministry. He graduated from “Ministers Training Institute” in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has been on mission trips to many locations including: Haiti, Mexico, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. Pastor Shawn and Andrea have a love and passion for missions and helping those who are in need. Not only do they support local and foreign missions monetarily, but when there is a mission trip, they are on the “front-line” together preaching God’s Word and seeing lives changed for the kingdom of God. Our pastors have the vision of setting people free with the love and compassion of Jesus. Their hearts reveal the true nature of God’s Word and they teach by example, that nothing is impossible to those who believe.